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Jakarta Governor to lure investments from singapore

Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama is set to encourage Singaporean businesspeople to invest in Jakarta during his visit to the country next week.

"We will have meetings and discussions with several local businesspeople. We want to invite them to join in our infrastructure development projects," said Ahok on Tuesday as quoted by beritajakarta.

Several provincial administration-owned enterprises (BUMD) are set to send representatives with Ahok, including property developer PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro), lender Bank DKI and project operator PT MRT Jakarta.

According to Ahok, there are many issues in the capital city that need to be addressed, such as waste management, gas-fueled power plants (PLTG), seaports and logistics. He plans to bring the BUMD personnel along to work on business-to-business deals.

"Our aim is to spark their interest in entering our projects directly in financial sense. For example, they could establish a joint company with either Bank DKI or Jakpro," said Ahok.

Ahok added that there was no need to circle the world to look for investors. He is confident that the search for investors can find success in Singapore.

Govt to Improve Economic Conditions

Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro has said that attracting investment has become the main goal for Indonesia as it will improve economic conditions.
He said that we strive in 2015 to move away from the current global economic growth slowdown trend. As we cannot expect too much from consumption and exports, our last hope is to push investment.
The minister said that the kind of investment that still had an important role was infrastructure financing.Bambang went on to say that the government could attain infrastructure financing through various instruments, such as rupiah-denominated government bonds as well as non-rupiah bonds.

To attract more investment, the minister said the government was striving to expand the basis of investors and carry out active portfolio management while at the same time it continued to strengthen the roles of state-owned enterprises through state capital injections.
He also said that they have also maintained relationships with investors. The financial sources to fund Indonesia’s development activities were widely available but the critical thing was how to maintain both domestic and foreign investors’ trust.
Bambang said it was also important to boost third-party funds both in the banking sector and capital market to maintain the active contribution of Indonesia’s public toward the national economy.

Source: .thejakartapost
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Jakarta Industries, Industries in Jakarta, Manufacturers in Jakarta

Jakarta is the main gateway to Indonesian archipelago. It is a contrast of modern western architecture and traditional Indonesian culture. Its rapid growth into a metropolitan city. Jakarta is officially known as special capital region of Jakarta. It is home to many of the country’s finest research institutions, educational facilities and cultural organizations, and uniquely serves both as the seat of national as well as regional government. 

Industries in Jakarta includes electronics, automotive, chemical, mechanical engineering and biomedical industries. Natural resource mining, such as oil, gas, food-processing plants, ironworks, automobile - assembly plants, coal and gold. Other industries such as textile mills, chemical factories, tanneries, sawmills, electronics plants, food-processing plants and printing establishments. Jakarta offers lot of employment opportunities. Most of the above sectors are currently expanding and the Indonesian economy grew to 5.8% driven by increasing foreign investments and huge domestic demand.

 Jakarta has some manufacturing industries they are several iron foundries and repair shops, margarine and soap factories, and printing works. Machinery, cigarettes, paper, glassware, and wire cable—as well as aluminium and asbestos and many more.  There are also breweries, and a film industry. Many international companies located in Jakarta have a number of job listings on their websites. IT companies, insurance companies, brokerage firms and the export sector.

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Manufacturers in Jakarta, Jakarta Manufacturers List, Manufacturing Industries in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and most largest city in Indonesia. It is also known as the “Big Durian” or “Big Apple”. Jakarta is a largest city, as well as its economic and political center, has abundant of job opportunities.It is one of the most popular urban agglomerations and second largest metropolitan in the world. The economy of Jakarta depends on trade, financial service and manufacturing. The major manufacturing industries in Jakarta include electronics, automotive, mechanical engineering, biomedical sciences and chemicals.

The major products produced by Jakarta manufacturers are margarine, soap factories, machinery, cigarettes, paper, glassware, and wire cable. They are also known for aluminium, asbestos and automotive products. Jakarta automotive manufacturers are trading in worldwide marketplaces. They have signed Memorandum of Understanding with various companies across the world. 
Jakarta mechanical engineering products manufacturers are well known for their technological advancements. They invest more on research and development to introduce many technological innovations. They are the leaders of new innovations than any other industries in Jakarta. Jakarta electronics manufacturers are producing various products in nano technology.
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